May 3rd, 2006

HTF - Nutty, hyper, Sugar high

Shooting Update

I emailed WH Public Safety about the shooting and got a call back. Apparently, it went down like this:

Guy's walking down Larrabee, up the street a little bit from Video West and East/West Lounge. Guy standing next to his car (shaved head) approached the victim and demanded his wallet. He refused, backed away, and made a motion as if he were going to pull out a gun. That's when the suspect shot him in the arm. He walked to the police station to report it, and paramedics treated him there.

So... yeah, if you see a suspicious guy just standing against a car, you might want to be alert. And, might not be such a good idea to pretend you have a gun unless you're willing to back that up.

In other news, I've had entirely too many regular iced teas and Cokes today. And weeeeee....

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