March 16th, 2006

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Teenage sex orgies

Okay, so evidently today the FCC fined CBS $3.5MM for an episode of "Without a Trace."

Now I've never seen an episode, but reportedly, "The Thursday night drama attracted complaints for showing a group of teenagers in various states of undress," according to AdAge.


A quick search turned up this treasure trove from the right wingers at the Parents Television Council. They host the most hedonistic clips from television! No more searching for torrents!

Typically, the series Without a Trace has dramatic, tense themes about kidnapped or missing people, but for the first season-and-a-half, the show stayed away from gratuitous sex, violence, and foul language. It wasn't for children, but it wasn't shocking or gross, either. But on November 6, 2003, the episode “Our Sons and Daughters” crossed all lines of decency with scenes of graphic teen sex orgies. Sadly, CBS chose to re-air this filthy and disturbing episode on December 31, 2004, making its encore Worst of the Week.

Filthy Video here:

Streaming graphic, filthy sex orgies?!? Seriously, why don't you just wrap it up in a big bow with a big, red button labeled:


Don't push the red button!

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