December 22nd, 2005


This is a Hell-bound X train....

Okay, I'm so sick of these fundie idiots bitching about companies not saying "Merry Christmas." First, let me say, I'm not offended by someone saying "Merry Christmas," and up until now, I just didn't care. But now? Now just because these whiney little self righteous, uptight bitches want to get their panties all in a wad, now I care. Now, I will deliberately say "Happy Holidays" and bitch when someone plays "Silent Night."

Why? Just to piss you the fuck off.

What I don't understand is: WHY DO YOU CARE?!

Honestly, wtf is it to you if someone says "Happy Holidays"? How is that so effing horrible? How terrible that we might not want to make someone feel uncomfortable. I mean, is your faith so weak that someone telling you "Happy Holidays" will shake your belief structure to its core?

Seriously, STFU. I can't wait until you all die off, and we can go back to watching Janet Jackson's boob on TV and playing video games without your incessant bitching. In fact, I have an idea for Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto: 700 Club. So instead of you calling for people's assassination in the name of Jesus, we can virtually drive around Liberty City mowing your asses down while you're off having sex with prostitutes.

Grand Theft Auto: 700 Club

You didn't see me bitching when YOU refused to celebrate "Talk Like A Pirate Day" for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, did you?

Anyway, I'm starting my new campaign. I want Xmas returned to its original, pagan holiday celebrating the winter solstice. Seriously, all you religious nut jobs, go fuck yourselves with the manger baby. YOU'RE the ones ruining Christmas for everyone. Maybe if you tried buttsecks, you wouldn't be such uptight assholes.


Keep X in Xmas!
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