September 25th, 2005


Attack of the iclones

So after watching the Family Guy movie (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story) at least two dozen times in the past month, I finally made a couple userpics from some screencaps. My first attempt to make "the amazing Jesus" failed so miserably I won't even show it to you. The full one is passable, but getting it under 40k made it just... disappointing. That's an hour of my life I won't get back.

But, I did do the sexy party. I somehow managed to cut off the bottom of the text and managed to not save the source file. I'll eventually fix it, but this will have to do for now.

Then came my next inspiration. If you haven't yet seen that disturbing 70s Planned Parenthood video about teaching sex to "trainables," you so need to. So much material, but this scene has become my new "owned" userpic. Any suggestions for changes? Anywho...

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HELP! Family Guy

My Tivo screwed up changing the channel, and it didn't get tonight's episode of Family Guy


If anyone has it (TiVo, DiVX, etc.) PLEASE let me know!

I've been searching, but so far no torrent of it. =( =( =(

[Edit: the torrents have come through after all. crisis averted.repaidthe karma with a 5:1 seed ratio (props to Adelphia's 800k upstream). bed now...BR />
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