August 23rd, 2005


Google IM

Slashdot is reporting that Google's IM server is up. It's a Jabber server, as expected. Although I don't think I've even gotten one IM on my Jabber account ever, but if you add my gmail account, now I have two that won't get used.

Anyway, I'm signed on to it now, just to see if I can. You'll need a Jabber client (I'm using GAIM since I already have it installed).

If you're bored and want to try it out, here are the settings that work for me:

   Protocol: Jabber
Screen Name: (gmail account—leave out
   Resource: Gaim
   Password: (your gmail password)

(Show more options)
[X] Use TLS
[ ] Force old SSL
[ ] Allow plaintext auth

       Port: 5222
Connect Svr:

(You don't have to register with the server... just connect).

Uhm.. yeah, so back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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