July 25th, 2005


My new baby

So I’m excited. I did it.

My G35
2005 G35 sedan with premium+sport+nav, diamond graphite exterior, graphite interior

Really had only planned on test driving, but I was shocked at the offer (even beating carsdirect.com). It made driving all the way out to Glendale worth it. Phil at Glendale Infiniti seriously rocks. There was no bullshit, lies, or games. It helped to know the prices going in, and I even got a better money factor than I'd found on leasecompare.com. There was no horrible feeling–like–I–just–got–ripped–off feeling this time. They're even going to take care of the scratch I put on my old car a couple years ago before turning it into the leasing company.

The best part is the car had just came off the truck. It was kismet!

For the first time (in a long time), I like driving again (I used to hate it soooooo much. HATE. HATE. HATE). The 18" wheels are a little bumpier than the 17”s, but she takes it like a champ and it's not rough. And... I can turn at high speed again! woo hoo! It just sucks that I have to keep it under 4,000 rpms during break in. There's almost 3,000 more rpms just begging to be used! Oh, and the Intelligent Key is teh secks. As long as I have the fob in my pocket somewhere, doors, trunk, gas cover, all open. OMG, it's orgasmic. ...as is the new car smell. It’s intoxicating.

It's all shiny, and it's all mine! Well... actually it’s the bank's, but I have the keys!!

::vroom vroom::

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