July 15th, 2005


Don't browse the web without a condom!

I've been dying to post this for a couple months now, but because it exacerbated the CAPS bug in Firefox (and subsequently caused a lot of crashing and burning), I couldn't. I found this extension so awesomely cool and necessary that despite the frequent crashes, I ran it anyway.

But now it's totally ready for prime time.

You need this extension.

It will change your life.

It's like surfing the web with a condom on.

First, you need to upgrade to Firefox 1.0.5, which was just released. Any other version will still have the bug, and you will curse me in 5 languages. If you're not sure which version you have, go to Help > About Mozilla Firefox. Then get the NoScript extension.

Basically, a lot of malware, adware, popups, and generally bad–things–that–happen–to–your–computer get in through malicious websites using active content, mostly through javascript or active X. Active X is IE-specific, so Firefox covers you there. Now, you could just disable javascript, but you'd find most of your favorite websites would no longer work properly. You could use IE and put any ill-behaved sites in your "Restricted Zone," but that's a royal pain in the ass, and is reactive instead of proactive (so the damage might already be done).

I've been clamoring for a javascript button that would turn it on and off at will. But then someone wrote NoScript!

Here's what it does: it blocks javascript until you say a site is okay. So, you visit your favorite site. Noscript alerts you through the information bar that javascript is being blocked. You notice something on the site isn't working properly, and you trust the site, so you enable it.

In this example, if I found the site not behaving properly, I could enable javascript for Engadget, but I would not enable it for doubleclick. I know doubleclick is an ad server, so the javascript is likely used either for tracking, popups, or some sort of annoying active content I don't want to see.

The awesome thing is that everything is blocked until I say it's okay. No more popups that get around popup blockers. No more floating ads. You've totally taken control of your browsing experience back from the content providers who would violate your preferences. Most savvy sites will account for javascript being off and still function. Some will totally choke, in which case you allow javascript from them (but not from any third party servers).

Anyway, I've been pretty stoked about this plug in for sometime, especially since more and more publishers were finding ways around pop up blockers. At this time, it truly is the safest way to browse (short of going back to lynx).
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This car is the secks

The sunroof on my car has gone retarded. It will randomly open on its own (generally at freeway speeds), and sometimes prefers not to open or close all the way. It's been getting worse, so I brought it to the dealer this morning where I think they've ordered it a new brain.

While I waited for them to tell me what was wrong, I started looking again at the G35 coupe, since I've been considering that as a replacement when my lease is up. I was disappointed as the coupe is missing a few things (like memory seats). As I was sitting in it, I also wasn't sure if a coupe like that was really "me." It just didn't feel right. I'd never really considered the sedan because (a) it has had a weaker engine than the coupe; (b) it is was generally less-feature rich than the sedan; (c) is was too boxy.

Until 2005.

The new front of the G35 sedan looks almost identical to its sister coupe

I hadn't been paying attention, but Infiniti has raised the bar on the sedan. They've given it more aggressive styling (the front is nearly identical to the coupe now). They've added a sport-tuned suspension and upped the gadgets so that it now surpasses the coupe in some regards. They've even given it the same engine now, so there are no horsepower differences between the two.

Infiniti G35's new Intelligent KeyIn fact, they've given it Infiniti's new Intelligent Key. I held my poker face as he told me, but truly, I nearly creamed my pants. This effectively makes the key obsolete.

The way it works is, as long as long as the fob is in your pocket, and you're within 2 meters of the car, you can open the doors, trunk, and even start the ignition! You never have to remove the fob (or its hidden key) from your pocket! (Although there isn't much room, because I so have a boner thinking about this).

The bad part is, I pretty much think I want this car (unless someone has some other suggestion). Infiniti has a deal right now where you can supposedly get out of your old lease a few months early. I may try to take them up on it.

Honestly, luxury can kiss my ass. When it comes down to it, I'm just such a technology whore.

Where's the dotted line so I can sign my life away?!
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