June 5th, 2005

wtf, double u tee eff

"How about famous Jewish sports legends?"

Today, Ryan managed to drag me to the gym (after a couple weeks of being a total lazy ass and not going). I noticed a rather hot, blonde guy, so I smiled in that ridiculously awkward way I do when I see someone cute, and he smiled back. We continued this coy smiling back and for through several sets until we both sorta moved in each other's direction to say, "Hi."

Ghey GayersonIn case I've not mentioned it lately, I'm horrible at flirting. Seriously, the 49ers have more game than I do. (okay, okay, okay... I looked that up.) Anyway, I got his digits, and hopefully I'll call him and live out the disaster rather than just play it out in my head numerous times before deciding not to call.

After our workout session, Ryan and I went for pedicures. Sure, laugh if you want, but it's flip flop season, and it would have been unfair to unleash my unkempt extremities on small children. Yes, I did it for the kids. Okay, well, maybe the $5 salt massage treatment was for me.

After this nirvana, however, we went to the Sunset 5 for a movie. We just finished watching Gregg Araki's new film, Mysterious Skin. It should come as no surprise that it was disturbing (and contained an alien subplot). However, while Nowhere was Tom-Cruise disturbing, Mysterious Skin was Mel-Gibson-playing-the-role-of-Michael-Jackson's-love-child disturbing.

Seriously. I still feel anxious (and we got out of the film a couple hours ago). I'm not sure how to shake the images, so I think I am just going to try watching something light. If anyone needs me, I'll be sitting fetal in front of the TV, watching the Cartoon Network, rocking back and forth for a little while. Just, disregard the mumbling, and no sudden noises, please.
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