May 9th, 2005


HOT Back in L.A.

I just had a rather bad flight of my life on United Airlines.

The only good thing is that in the hour we waited for our luggage (yes, I said an hour). The hawtest guy came over and started chatting me up. After my luggage finally came down, (and some convincing by my friend), I asked him on my way out if he'd want to hang out sometime. He said yes, so I ripped off the luggage tag of one of my bags (which had my phone number on it) and handed it to him. Okay, how hot it that, right? (ok maybe not so much).

I'm not even sure if he's gay or straight. He actually seemed straight, so it will probably go no where, but he just moved to L.A. from New Orleans, and he's dreamy, and we're in love.
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    Charlotte Martin - I'm Normal, Please Date Me