May 6th, 2005

doh, Homer - D'oh

Wash. Rinse. Repeat


My dad bought one of those new quick disconnect/coiled hoses that are (evidently) all the rage on infomercials/QVC.

Of course, while I was helping him connect the myriad of connectors and washers (because I'm the one with gardening skillz... NOT!), he decided to test it. Of course while the nozzle was apparently aimed at me.

I, along with my new, never–been–washed Energie jeans and Obey T-shirt, are now drenched from head to toe. Being that the idea to buy this hose came from an infomercial, there's some poetic justice in there somewhere.

And... I'm sad to report that their gardner was here yesterday, and the rather yummy gardner has been replaced with a not-so-much.

So much for that fantasy!
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