April 3rd, 2005



The Pope may have passed, but I'm sure many will be comforted to know that the effects of all his teachings will be felt for many years to come.

Unfortunately, it will be in the way of hate crimes, and continued persecution of gays and women, as bigots will undoubtedly continue to use his words as justification for their actions, in the same way religious leaders twist and pervert the Bible to justify their own hate mongering.

I may feel mildly sorry that a man has passed, however, I will neither mourn nor pay reverence.

So while the orgy of mourners continue to fill my TV screen as you grieve the passing of your spiritual leader, understand and know that I will be paying my respects to Matthew Shepard, Sakia Gunn, Brandon Teena, Juana Vega, Danny Overstreet, Gwen Araujo, Barry Winchell, Daniel Fetty, Fred Martinez, Eddie Garzon, Jacob Orosco, Bill Clayton, Bobby Griffith, and the countless other gay men and women whose lives were ended short by anti-gay intolerance and hatred, fueled by the papacy.

May they rest in peace.
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