October 2nd, 2004


Go towards the light....

Pretty happy.

I think I'm making progress with the parental units. My dad, who's been mostly undecided although leaning towards "W" only because he doesn't really like Kerry. "He's no Clinton," he says.

We spoke today for a good 30 minutes about issues, the war, how badly it's going, how it's beginning to look like another Vietnam, and he sees it. He's still undecided, but I almost think he's leaning towards Kerry now.

My mom, who has been a staunch Bush supporter for some time now (even wanted to put a sign out in the front yard... I told her if they put that up, they wouldn't see me again until that sign was down). But even she's starting to see the light. They both really like Colin Powell and don't understand why he's so quiet. I reminded them that he was against this war from the beginning—that he predicted much of what has occurred. W doesn't like it when people stand in his way. My mom even has recognized that, she said, "I know. It's his way or the highway."

I told her that if W gets reelected, you can say "Bye" to Powell. Many are predicting Powell is only still around for the election. After (if) he's reelected, Powell will step down. She said that's what my dad has been saying. I reminded both of them what Bush did to that CIA operative because her husband dared digress from what W wanted him to say.

Finally. They're starting to see it. They're starting to look beyond their dislike of Kerry to the bigger issues. My mom likes McCain. She likes Guiliani. She now realizes Bush is no McCain nor is he a Giuliani. Should Kerry win, whether I would vote for a McCain or a Guiliani over Kerry would largely depend on the job Kerry does. But I do know that regardless of my choice in that situation, I could respect a McCain or a Guiliani, even where I disagree with them. I can't and don't respect George W. Bush. He's a miserable failure, and a traitor. It's time for him to go.

But I'm beyond happy that there's a chance my parents might come through in the end. That makes me very happy. The wedge that GWB has tried to wedge within families over gays may fail as badly as his FMA did in the House. If we get rid of him in November, this issue won't die, but at least the man running the country won't be the one leading the inquisition against us any longer.
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