September 1st, 2004


Go to the market, help APLA

Ralph's will donate 5% of your purchase to AIDS Project Los Angeles if you list your Ralph's Club card with them.

To get your Ralph's Club Card registered so that 5% of all your purchases will be donated to APLA, send an email to   with the following information (as you provided to Ralph's when you signed up):

Ralph's Club Card #
First & Last Name
City, State Zip
Telephone #

Again, it should be the information you gave when you signed up for your Ralph's card. They need to get many more people signed up for it to make a difference, so spread the word to your friends.

Here is some information on APLA (from their website):
AIDS Project Los Angeles, one of the nation’s largest AIDS service organizations, provides direct services to more than 10,000 men, women and children living with HIV and AIDS in Los Angeles County. Services include prevention education, a food bank, professional dental care, housing assistance, mental health counseling, women’s services and case management. APLA is a leader in the provision of bilingual HIV treatment information, in print and on the Internet, and advocates for effective AIDS-related policies and legislation on the local, state and federal level.

In addition to our commitment to keep fundraising costs low, 70 cents of every dollar that AIDS Project Los Angeles raises goes directly to client services, HIV prevention and treatment education and advocacy on behalf of persons with HIV/AIDS. Only 5% is spent on administrative costs.
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EVERY sperm is sacred

Me (mocking the religious right): ...You know they think every sperm is sacred.

Tony: If every sperm is sacred, my bedspread is the Shroud of Turin.

– – –

And the retard award of the day goes!

Although I was pretty much done, I somehow managed to linger at work an extra 45 minutes. "How?" You ask.

Well, my computer clock was being a bitch so I changed it to sync with the government ntp server (if I'm going to have a clock at all, I'm pretty OCD about making sure it's synchronized). Somehow in the process I managed to uncheck the little box to automatically adjust the clock for daylight savings time.

So... I'm sitting there like a retard thinking, "Wow, everyone is going home early today. Maybe I should too." As I start getting my stuff together, I notice the time on my phone says it's an hour later.

WTF was immediately followed by D'OH!

Corrected it, and *poof* 5:45 becomes 6:45.


(This is what happens when I don't have caffeine first thing in the morning.)

now, i think i'll go to the gym and try to work off some sexual energy... which will backfire.
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