August 30th, 2004


Protecting you from non-Christian, Satan-loving, sodomite judges

It's no secret that for some time, internally, the Republican Party has been controlled by a fringe group of religious extremists. Very few are conservative enough for this group (except for perhaps the likes of Pat Buchanan or Pat Robertson). I've read a few well written essays recently dealing with this group, whom Lee Atwater referred to as the "extra chromosome Republicans." They've systematically taken over the party infrastructure and turned it into a vehicle for their religious crusade. Oddly enough, they're not party loyalists. Their worst enemy isn't a Democrat or even a socialist, but that of the moderate Republican, i.e. the Republican who believes in limited government not only economically, but socially. Even Bush, Sr. drew the ire of this group for not towing the line and being conservative enough. Fortunately, they've found a good friend and Christian soldier in GWB, you know our fearless leader who has taken us into war because God told him to.

The 94-page 2004 Republican Party Platform, which is largely crafted by the fundamentalists, won't get much play during the carefully scripted convention. So for your reading pleasure, I thought I'd highlight a few passages from this learned scripture... I mean platform. Take careful note because the platform is not only against gay marriage but civil unions as well. The text is verbatim (I may have taken liberty with the headings).

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