August 2nd, 2004


Know thy enemy!

For Californians:

List of candidates who have signed the Marriage Protection Pledge of the fringe group Campaign for California Families, pledging to vote against not only gay marriage but all forms of equal rights for gays—domestic partnerships, civil unions, etc. CCF is pretty out there. Check out their links section, if you're really bored and want to be entertained.

[Edit: I found the following also useful page. You choose your state senator or assemblymember from the drop down, and it tells you how s/he voted v. the CCF position. It obviously took them some time to compile all this information, so let's use it for good instead of the bigotry they promote! I was pleased to learn that my state assemblyman and senator scored very low on CCF's scale!]

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In happier news, I hate my cell phone. It likes to pocket dial people, and one of these days someone is going to get a recording of me singing in the car, and that's just not good for anybody. Besides, at heart, I'm really a flip phone person. I thought I might give Sony-Ericsson a break and try Motorola. I originally had my eye on the V600 (left), which is now finally listed as "out" by T-mobile; but then I noticed the RAZR V3 (right)... supposed to come out Q4. Preeeeeeeeety. I may have to wait. Both are quad band GSM, so pretty much that bitch should work in Outer Mongolia.


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Team America - From the creators of South Park
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"Four years after setting out to remake one of the most popular and violent video games ever, the crew at id Software, Inc. is finally done with its latest vision of hell. "Doom 3" hits store shelves Tuesday, though there were reports of some retailers breaking a midnight sales embargo...."

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