June 22nd, 2004


Story of my year

At LAX, I saw this ridiculously hawt inked up punk-looking GOD wearing a hat. Bored, I then began to stalk him. He went to BK with his friend then came back and then I saw him board my plane. As I very walked on, I carefully looked around the plane, I'd noticed he'd taken his hat off—still cute. UGH! I continued to obsess over him until the Ambien knocked me flat on my ass.

It wasn't until one of his friends got his equipment form baggage claim right next to me at JFK that I realized who I was drooling over. "StoryOfTheYear" was written across each of the cases.

We're in love. We're going to have beautiful children together.

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Celcius 488-1/3

Thanks to my roommate Sumner, who works for the awesome Lion's Gate Entertainment, I was privy to an employee screening of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Monday night.


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Please see this film. If you're not a Bush supporter, it will motivate you and piss you off. If you are a Bush supporter who doesn't plan to see it, what are you afraid of finding out? This is too important.
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