April 28th, 2004

Fuck you!

It's getting hot in here

As the heat continues to cook the sidewalk, and the steering wheel gets too hot to even touch, I have to take pause and thank my roommates for going against my better judgement and insisting that we get a place with central air conditioning.

That's right, bitches... brrrr.... it's a nice TOASTY 72 degrees in here. BWAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA

jk.. i love you all. Just don't sweat on me.

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wtf, double u tee eff

Politically Incorrect

Okay, I'm willing to have to place my order 5 times at Subway so that it can be understood, but do I really need to waste 20 minutes on the phone trying to get some guy in India to understand my question when my cable company is here?!

Is every U.S. call center in India now?!?!?

And I decided to spend a little of my tax refund on an XBOX that was on sale at CostCo. Everything was sunshine, lollipops and rainbows until I decided I wanted to take advantage of pseudo-high definition. I reconfigured my receiver, got the High Definition AV pack when I discovered that the XBOX alternates between 480i and 480p/1080i modes whenever the game or unit requests it. Well.......... My TV, along with many others', will switch between 480p and 1080i with no issues. But it doesn't do 480i on the HD input. What idiot at Microsoft came up with this idea?! Did the jackass test it on multiple TV sets? What an assclown!

So now it's back to Fry's to stand in the returns line. Hopefully the other unit that had both S-Video and Component outputs will output both at the same time. At least then I can just switch the TV inputs to change modes. Either way, how utterly irritating.

Okay... I'm done bitching....
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