February 22nd, 2004


What an asshole

I never really liked Nader. He's a self-aggrandizing, loud-mouthed, neo-socialist, media whore.

But now, now... I really despise loathe him. He clearly has no concern for the country, and I'm glad that he's exposed himself for the cheap attention whore he truly is. Seriously, he should get Paris Hilton as his running mate.

I hope this completely annihiliates his credibility (what little he had left), and ends his political career. I want it so destroyed in fact that the only way he'll get press coverage in the future will be by exposing his breasts during the Superbowl halftime show.

That is all.
We now resume your regularly scheduled life, already in progress.
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Sex and Chipotle

ucpsychguy and I just ate Chipotle while watching the last episode of "Sex and the City."


Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you, yet another topic: Rhode Island. Is neither a road nor an island.

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