February 19th, 2004

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The whole world's gone gay

It's hard to explain how I've been feeling lately over everything going on. This whole gay marriage issue has really affected me in a profound way I never expected. I never, never, never thought we'd be facing the prospects of gays legally tying the knot in only a few short months.

I used to say I really didn't care much about the whole issue. After all, why do I need a piece of paper to validate a relationship?

It does matter.

And more importantly, I think I'm starting to realize that it means something to me. It means acceptance. What's going on in San Francisco and Massachusetts is simply ground breaking, and I feel as if we're watching history in the making.

And it leaves me simply... awestruck.

I just watched "Totally Gay" on vh1. Sending a tingle up my spine, the show really drove home how much things have changed in just the last decade. We're not weak, in fact as a group, we're largely successful. In taking these stands over marriage we're proving that we are not at their whims. I'm no longer willing to accept anything — anything less than what's right. And I don't want to pretend they don't matter, and that I don't care.

We're neither substandard nor second class citizens, and we deserve all the same rights and privileges as everyone else. And we shouldn't accept anything less.
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Bill Maher on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, that great state holiday
By Bill Maher, 2/14/2004

NEW RULE: You can't claim you're the party of smaller government, and then clamor to make laws about love. If there's one area I don't want the US government to add to its list of screw-ups, it's love.

On the occasion of this Valentine's Day, let's stop and ask ourselves: What business is it of the state how consenting adults choose to pair off, share expenses, and eventually stop having sex with each other?

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And, finally, if you want to know more about how America is holding up under the ATTACK OF THE GAY AGENDA, click here
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