February 18th, 2004


Oh, rain, you little bitch troll from hell.

I was all poised to go home for lunch, relax a little in front of Judge Milian with my Grilled Cheese samiches — not to be confused with sandwiches as samiches mush the bread into the cheese and are much better.

But then the rain had to come in and disrupt my world, keeping me from getting on the road. My choice of sustenance was now reduced to teriyaki something from the little place across the parking lot that microwaves everything. Of course, at this point, the rain turns into a downpour that would make El Niño jealous. Many turned away at the exit to the building. The few who did venture out, ran.

"Amateurs," I thought. I learned my first semester of college that you don't run in the rain. You just end up splashing more water (mixed with dirt) all over your pants. I braved the torrential rains and made my way across the hostile, dark pavement to the lunch counter where I secured my combo Teriyaki plate. The journey back was far more treacherous as the puddles were now shoe soul deep, but I made it back, my face and hair dripping.

After making my way to the office kitchen to wash my hands, I grabbed my food to dart back to my desk. Still dripping, I rounded the corner when I realized I nearly took out Mrs. Cindy C, who was working in the office today. That, I'm sure, would not have gone over very well. I'd rather not have to explain how I managed to simultaneously knock over and drench the super model because I was in a rush to eat my substandard teriyaki combo.

I make my way back to my desk when I notice out the window that the rain has stopped. In fact, the sun is peeking its way through the clouds, mocking me.

I'm not sure what's worse right now: my soaked socks, the chicken teriyaki, or the fact that my life is so uneventful at the moment that this is what I chose to write about.
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Oh, I'm so mad I could just spit

While declining to express her own opinions about gay marriages, Mrs. Bush said, "It's an issue that people want to talk about and not want the Massachusetts Supreme Court, or the mayor of San Francisco to make their choice for them. I know that's what the president thinks.

Excuse me? Make their choice for them? Make their choice?

See, you don't get it. This isn't your choice or their choice to make. I don't let straight bigots make my choices for me. And exactly when did the President start thinking?

"I'm watching very carefully. But I'm troubled by what I've seen," [President] Bush said. "People need to be involved with this decision. Marriage ought to be defined by the people, not by the courts."

No, yet again, you miss the point. Marriage should be defined by the two people involved in getting married — not you, nor any group who thinks it okay to discriminate against certain groups of people. You forget that our Constitution is a document based upon the promotion of equal rights and freedom. Perhaps you'd forget that less often if you put down your bible and actually read the Constitution, which, by the way, is the actual document YOU were elected to promote and uphold.

He declined to say whether he was more inclined now to back a constitutional ban. However, he spoke privately with conservative Catholics about the issue, and a conservative activist who favors such a ban suggested the president would soon announce his support.

...and once again, I'd like to give a big, giant, wet "FUCK YOU" to the Catholic Church and our President. The Republican Party, once the Party of Lincoln, was once about freedom and less government. You, and your religious extremist ilk, have perverted it into little more than an evangelical group of bigots hell bent on shoving a homophobic "godhatesfags.com" morality down everyone's throats while simultaneously furthering the destruction of the Republican Party and harming the country.

The Oval Office isn't a pulpit, Rev. Bush. Stop preaching and start doing your job, or get the hell out of the people's house.

...and from yesterday's news:
2nd S.F. Judge Delays Ruling on Gay Marriages

Superior Court Judge James Warren told plaintiffs he would not issue a
court order until they corrected a punctuation error in their legal

Now, that's funny!
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