February 8th, 2004


Late night calls

Well not so late for me, but late for my mom. She called at midnight, and they're usually in bed by 10. They were just at the hospital with my grandmother. My aunt went to visit her and found her passed out on the floor. She was incoherent, and the paramedics said she wasn't making any sense when they were talking to her either.

My mom said she seems fine now and was talking and everything, but they're running all kinds of tests to find out what's wrong/what happened. :-/
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I had an IM from my mom on my yahoo this morning as she didn't want to wake me. The doctors said my grandmother had a small heart attack and there's something — a blockage or plaque or something — near hear heart, but they need to do an EKG, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. They have her in ICU right now on blood thinners and such. They said they have to proceed carefully because it could travel to the brain and cause a stroke.

ugh ugh fuck.
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