January 23rd, 2004


And... we're off to NY

ucpsychguy and I are doing final preparations for our flight out to Manhattan at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow morning.

So I was cleaning out the pics on my cell phone and ran across this cutie:

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Ugh.. I was supposed to be in bed like 3 hours ago. Have to be up by 4... AM! ugh :(

So.. I'll leave you with Penguin Batting.
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wtf, double u tee eff

NY - Friday

Went to Wendy's fantabulous block-long Tribeca abode. Seth & and I went. We ate this chocolate desert with ice cream that was nothing short of orgasmic. Seriously, we don't eat these wonderful tarts because we want to look good for the bois. But who needs bois when these deserts can bring about orgasms on their own? right?

Anyway, I rented my tux today to the tune of $168 dollars US. Seriously. wtf is up with that. I'm renting used fucking clothes for some ridiculous sum of money. What a fucking scam that is!! I would do this for no one other than Wendy. There had better be pictures and many of them. This is tuxedo wearing #3. I better look fucking hawt for that amount of money. Fuck. On the way back I got into a sub car with someone who goddamn smelled like they died. Everyone in the car was huddled in the back. wtf. dayam.

Anywho... off to the east village tonight to find some pune tang and more alkie.
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