January 15th, 2004



You know, some times I just thank god for roommates. Seriously, without my roommate John, I probably would have blown up the house by now. So tonight I bought some way cheap Pinot Grigio when we went to Costco. It's my favorite, and that is pretty much the extent of my wine knowledge. It needed to be chilled, so I popped it in the freezer, thinking I would return in 15 minutes or so to pour a glass.

Many hours later, I went back to kitchen and thought, "oh shit!" I opened the freezer to find the bottle was missing. Sure enough, John had placed it safely in the refrigerator. ::whew::

Tonight, I made my reservations for next weekend's trip to NY. I'm trying to convince a friend to come with, but I guess we'll see. It's kinda last minute. I was supposed to do this last night, but ctmontecristo cruised over to spare me my boredom of folding clothes (actually, it's really not so much folding as much as it is stuffing into a drawer).

yea, that's all I got. Work's been busy as fuck with trying to stay ahead of the game on end of year reports. But tomorrow is Friday.

Now to finish my wine...
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