January 11th, 2004


Day Two

Was concerned I might be getting sick but what I thought were swollen glans turned out to be my testicles. Relieved they're safe.

Today was much nicer than yesterday. It warmed up to a brisk 24. I actually found myself unwrapping the scarf I used to mummify my face. It's supposed to continue to warm up enough to snow. That's right, it's been too cold to snow.
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Big Cup and boring entries

I'm sitting at the Big Cup using their free wi-fi connection. Unfortunately the wireless network I was leeching off at the hotel started crapping out. This place is sort of like the Abbey was before they turned it into a big club.

The guy behind the counter is uber yummy. I want to lick him.

I think I'm actually sick of shopping. The thought of it actually almost repulses me. I couldn't find anything I wanted even at my favorite Diesel store up by 59th & Lex. I think part of the problem is I did my H&M shopping first. I spent in total there for two big bags full of clothes for what one sweater I liked at Diesel would have cost. It would appear that this was an unintentional cost saving move that I'll keep in mind for the future.

Roxy was deader than usual last night (probably due to the ridiculously cold weather). But I had a good drunken time. Tonight I'm going to lay low though. After my last trip here on work, I proved that I have issues "taking it easy" when I go out on Sunday nights!

omg cute boy came from behind the counter. That butt is bootylicious.

Anyway, I think I'll just sit here and chat ppl up as long as my battery holds up, then walk over to FoodBar before turning in. It's not a trip to NY without stopping a Sunday at XL (not that I have a particularly good time there, I just like going).

Tomorrow is the seminar we came here for, followed by dinner with our account rep. I'm definitely turning in early tomorrow night, because we have something like an 8:30 am flight out of here on Tuesday. I'm sure that means I have to be up and ready by like 6 am or something. Cold AND up early! ok I'm rambling. Enough.
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On the other hand, seasons can be wonderful

I wish my friend Scott weren't recouperating from getting his wisdom teeth out.. woulda been nice to see a friendly face. But.. I've decided I need a NY boyfriend. The distance would allow for an emotional safety net, we could sleep with other ppl when the other isn't in town. Then when I come here, I'd have a place to stay and someone to cuddle with. Likewise, when he came to L.A. We could be a bicoastal couple. It would be perfect.

So tonight I did what I said I would. I went over to FoodBar when my battery alarm came on as my 41 minutes remaining suddenly turned into 5 (wtf?).

I took along my usual single's armor — web-enabled cell phone and a magazine. Fortunately a couple messages came in that made me giggle and feel a little less lonely. I have mixed feelings about eating alone at a restaurant, but you get used to it on work trips. One of my friends at work will order room service and stay in before she'll eat out alone. That seems boring! But I won't say I don't sometimes feel a little awkward. And tonight was one of those times.

I think I went into the restaurant knowing it was kinda lame of me to go to the same place two nights in a row, but I really like their food. Plus, on my last trip there, I ran into an old friend from L.A. The owner or manager recognized me from the night before as soon as he seated me, which killed my "maybe there will be a different staff" plan. haha. Oh well, I went where I wanted to, and I got to get the lamb that I should have ordered Saturday night.

But, at some point the text messages stopped, and I'd read the magazine front to back twice. Suddenly I felt a little alone in a restaurant full of people. I'm sure if I looked a bit more approachable, I'd have met new people, but I get that way when I'm somewhere by myself. If I'm with a friend, I'll be a little shy, but I think more open. When by myself, my defenses are fully up.

The check came; I paid my bill and started to get dressed, putting on my beanie, coat, scarf. I placed the earbuds back in my ears and unpaused my mp3 player. I grabbed my backpack, slid on my gloves and walked out into the cold. It was hella early, not even 10:00 yet. I was going to just walk downtown a bit and hop on the L at 14th, but it was actually kinda nice out, and I wasn't ready to go back, so I decided I'd take the walk up to 23rd and drop in a few shops on the way. It was a nice walk, and I actually scored long underwear in what turned out to be an adult novelty shop (we'll call it). I went down to catch the train. I like people watching on the platforms. You see others alone with their armor (there's something about those headphones), couples, and the occasional single schizophrenic who entertains himself.

Now this is where headphones show their versatility not only as armor but as a magical devices. As the guy comes on the train to sell his newspapers, a quick push of the volume button, and he no longer exists. I should wear these all the time. It was a long wait for the L, but my connection to my train back to the hotel was fairly quick. I resurfaced to find the air a little crisper and the sound of Evanescence's "My Immortal". As I passed Duane Reade on the cold, hard pavement, I looked down to help navigate my Doc Martins over a frozen puddle.

As I looked up, I was greeted by one of the first snowflakes of my trip. No matter how many times you see them, there's something mystical about these creatures (well, the first day). Suddenly I felt better. I was in New York, having a good time by myself. I took off my gloves and unwrapped my scarf a little and walked into the flurries the rest of the way home.

I have the window open, the flurries are so small you can't actually see them coming down from my window, but the roofs and awnings on the adjacent buildings tell a different story, completely coated over the past hour, snowflake by snowflake.

I like being here for the first day of a snow shower. I'm going to bed hoping it'll still be snowing tomorrow, so I can go out and play it in.

(and sleeping pills take over)
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