January 10th, 2004


Holy crap

It's ball freezing, ass sticking frozen cold out there.

Bought lots of goodies from H&M on 34th & 7th. The one at Herald Square had just closed up when I got there. Sprinklers were going off. That must've sucked.

Next: food and Soho.
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NY: Day 1 - seasons are overrated

Spent most of the day shopping. Pretty sure it's the coldest weather I've ever encountered in my time on this planet. The weather always reports two degrees: the real temperature followed by "feels like". I'm not sure how they determine this. I can't actually feel anything anymore. Guy at Better Burger called me "Rosy".

The bois are hot. Got horny many, many times. Went to masturbate and was alarmed to find my balls missing. Will file police report in the morning if they've not returned.
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    Forever Seems Forever - Wearing Thin