January 9th, 2004


Going to freeze my nutz off

Watching the new Real World... aww, I miss SD. Blue skies, surfer bois....

Tomorrow night I head out. When I was there last year this time, it was 19F and supposedly an extremely cold winter. When I arrive Saturday monring, it's supposed to be 7. That's right 7! I thought that must be Celsius. But... nope... Oh, and with wind chill: -9. This will be the coldest weather I will have ever experienced. I don't think I'll bitch about it being 49 here again (not this weekend anyway).

The hotel doesn't get its internet connection 'til April, so I may or may not be able to be online. I'm hoping I'll be able to hop on to someone's wireless. If not, feel free to message me through LJ if u don't have my digits.

Oh, and Charlotte has a new mp3 out on her site -- "Wild Horses". Get it here! Anyway, gotta crash. Zzzz...
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    Charlotte Martin - Wild Horses