December 30th, 2003


Respect the ladies

In unloading the random pictures I took of my day, I found another shot I'd taken on my trip last week:

It's nothing uber special — just an odd little neighborhood restaurant we went to. I wish my cell camera took better pictures so you could fully appreciate the atmosphere. It was quaint and surreal, in a time warpy sorta way. First off, restaurants in New Orleans still actually allow smoking indoors. It's kind of odd hearing someone ask you "Smoking or non-smoking?" when you enter a restaurant in 2003. This particular one doesn't even ask that, however. The entire restaurant is "smoking!"

The bar in the distance goes on quite a bit down, and a number of patrons had plopped down just kickin it. Everyone seemed to know everyone. And a very large sign mounted beneath the neon clock, behind the bar read:


I had to chuckle at that.

A group of elderly men sat at a table behind us. "Hey, Senator!" Yelled one man as a white-haired gentleman approached their table to sit. I wasn't sure if he was currently or formerly a senator, but you could picture this being a place where the "good ole boy" network met, and deals were made.

It was weird.

But I will say this: the food was hella good!

Lastly, I find it weird that I'm starting to find myself in a bit more of a festive mood (now that the holidays are just about over). ::shrugs:: Oh, well.. I can probably get a Christmas tree on the cheap this time of year.
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