October 25th, 2003

wtf, double u tee eff


Does any of MTV's channels even play music anymore?

M2 used to. But lately all they have on it is shows as well. grr....
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SubMyWay damnit!

<RANT>I wish I could speak Spanish fluently. My life would be so much easier (and it would just be kinda cool).

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Ok I'm done.<RANT>

So today I left the blissful 70-degree Santa Monica weather and trekked over to the hill into the valley (cue "doom" music), where upon exiting my car, I was greeted by 105-degree heat hitting me in the face. Resisting the urge to get back into the car and go back to civilization, I barely made it to the door to the parts department of Miller Infiniti.

The cheap, plastic part to hold my front license plate was $41. Yikes. Fortunately I brought my "15% off genuine Infiniti factory accessories" coupon. "This isn't a factory accessory." I thought maybe it was an after-market part as I know the dealer installs them on new cars. Fine, he wants to split hairs. Oddly enough, the part clearly has a "Nissan Infiniti" sticker and part number on it. Leading me to two conclusions: parts sales guy is an idiot, and I probably could have bought this for half the price at Santa Monica Nissan.

But, my car is melting outside, and I really just want to put this behind me and fix this. I take my parts home, put on a wife beater and old shorts. Grab my tools, all butch, and head for the garage. The longest part of the operation was searching for the stupid keyed allan wrench to take off the old license plate! Everything went well. My car looks fantabulous again (except for the small scratches on the passenger side from the fence that attacked me). I can't believe the insurance adjuster estimated the repair at $500. Why they wanted to remove the bumper to fix a hole that stays hidden behind a license plate frame is beyond me.

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/me pats himself on the back
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