October 21st, 2003

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Leave my TV alone

Subject: Missed Recordings
From: TiVo customer support
Date: Tue 10/21

NBC and CBS made last-minute changes to their program schedules because of last Wednesday's and Thursday's baseball games. As a result, some of your recordings may not have matched the program information. For a list of affected shows, scroll to the bottom of this message.

When these episodes are re-scheduled, their program information will be the same as listed last week. Because your DVR normally avoids recording duplicate episodes within 28 days, it may not automatically record an episode you missed. To make sure your DVR records all the episodes you want:


If God had intended for you to preempt my regularly scheduled programming with baseball (which is like the red headed step child of sports anyway), s/he would not have created ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNX, ESPNCL, FoxSports, FoxSports World, Speed, Golf, OLN, ESPNHD, ESPNEWS, FoxSports Digital 1, FoxSports Digital 2, FoxSports Digital 3, Fox Sports en Espanol, or any of the other multitude of channels I meticuously removed from my channel listing.

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HTF - Nutty, hyper, Sugar high

Oh, Papa, Don't Preach

So I just saw "The Child" on TNG where Troi gets impregnated by a ball of light (I hate it when that happens). Anyway, after she, very defiantly says the following, I couldn't help but hear Madonna go into "Papa Don't Preach".

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