October 8th, 2003


Erection Day

My ballotSo this morning I started my day by getting stuck in the elevator at work. Using an elevator to go up 2 flights of stairs feels terribly lazy to me, so I generally take the stairs. But, as anyone who's slept over or tried rousing me in the morning can attest to: David is anything but a morning person. Half asleep, I lazily choose the elevator at the last minute. Step in the door, press 3, fall sideways against the wall as the door closes.

I'm leaning there half dazed for what must have been like 10 seconds before I notice something's amiss. I look up to see what floor I'm on. All the indicator lights are off.

That's odd.

I look at the control panel. Also, all buttons are unlit. I press 3 again. Nothing. 1. Nothing. DOOR OPEN. Nothing. Start pressing all the buttons in random sequence. Nothing. "Well. That sucks," I mutter, realizing I'm probably stuck. I consider pressing ALARM. But there's no guard standing around, and from living in the dorms, I know all that button really does is make a loud obnoxious bell ring.

I pull my cell from my pocket and call one of my coworkers. I'm still too asleep to make a coherent conversation, however, I do manage to communicate my predicament. After hanging up, I decide to press the ALARM button anyway. After all, if I'm going to be stuck, I'm entitled to be annoying.

A funny thing started to happen looking at all the unlit buttons and indicator lights: a mild sense of helplessness. It certainly wasn't any sort of full on panic, but I did begin to feel just a tit clostrophobic at this point. I realize that I'd probably be stuck in there for at least an hour waiting for the elevator repair service to come out. "Fuck what I'm supposed to do," I think. Forgetting about all the stories of gruesome decapitations and loss of limbs, I decide to try prying the doors open myself. I expect them to be locked tight. Fortunately they're not, and I'm able to force the doors open. I notice the elevator is level with the floor, so I quickly leap out thinking, "This is way too early in the morning to be dealing with this shit."

The whole "ordeal" I'm sure took less time than it took to type this. But it's my dramatic story for the day, so I'm running with it.

It was around 3:00 when I'd realized I hadn't voted yet. I'd been putting it off because, honestly, I wasn't 100% sure how I was going to vote. I only knew I could not in all good conscience vote for Bustamante. There were seriously like 8 pages of gubernatorial candidates (and they weren't in alphabetical order), so finding your candidate took time.

One candidate's name did stand out (since it was a first name only): Angelyne. (And she is the only candidate to promise to paint the capitol hot pink). I can't believe she didn't get more support ::sigh::.

In other news, I've decided to take Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off. Not sure what I'm going to do since everyone else will likely be working or in class. But something will come up.
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