October 6th, 2003


Can you still hear out of those things?

So Friday night went with Stace and met friends over at the DisneyLand thingy Friday night. I had a really good time hanging out and drinking with friends, *yawns* but the venue itself: b0000ring. That wouldn't be bad except for having to drive an hour each way to the freakin' Happiest Place on Earth and paying the extortion parking fee. Living in L.A., I'm used to paying for parking. But that's because our land is actually worth something. Anaheim? Really? You're like 40 minutes from the nearest beach. You should be paying me.

I decided to pass on the rest of the fun-filled gay day 2.

This brings us to today, on which I decided to stay home. Having a craving for Dahi chicken, I went to Chutney's where I saw the man with the most ear hair ever. He didn't have as much as thisCollapse ) guy, but seriously it looked like pubic hair gone horribly, horribly wrong. If he doesn't have a pair of scissors or a weed whacker at his house or something, I'm sure he could have hired someone outside of Home Depot to landscape those things.

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