August 24th, 2003


Weho weekend

I spent way too much time in Weho this weekend. Friday night, we started at Kurfew, where Stace was spinning. Then I got promptly whisked away to Here where Tony and his Lesbian, Mia, were hanging out. Here hasn't been ridiculously crowded lately, so I've actually been able to enjoy myself there.

Saturday, under protest, I was dragged out to Weho yet again. I really wanted to just veg or find something else to do. But Lukas was in town from Fresno and insisted I entertain him that evening. I repeatedly told him I was not going out, but he kept calling. Finally he asked if he could just come over and hang out until he goes out. Of course I said yes. This was a trap. Once here, he was relentless in getting me out of the house, even dressing me. Finally I capitulated and off we went to Rage.

Once there I had a pretty good time. Ran into Stace, JJ, Joey, and Dave (im_confused). And of course, Patrick (phelixdakat) and I reintroduced ourselves from our hazy memories of meeting at Rush several weeks ago.

Now, Rage has had these Borg-regeneration-like things on the walls since Paul E redecorated the place so many years back. They're a bit tired, but they don't bother me so much at the club as much as they remind me of what pathetic set props they used on Voyager. Jebus. Could they have been less lazy than grabbing the first thing they found at Spencers? Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest...

As I'd expected, Lukas would want to end up doing after hours and wanted me to bounce with him. Not wanting to spend the entire night out, I decided to stay at Rage and find another way home. Fortunately, Dave volunteered to give me a ride. After closing, we went over to the Abbey for the sidewalk sale, and ran into these lovely creatures on the left. The one on the left is the one who entertained/traumatized me on my bday. Unfortunately my phone doesn't take good pics in the daytime, much less at night. But I think you can get the general idea here.

Now I'm off to try to get everyone together to head to Sunset Junction.
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Sunset Junction

After unsuccessfully trying to get anyone to do something other than the usual, I decided I'd get my ass out of my room. I resigned myself to going to the mall or something equally boring, disappointed that I would miss Sunset Junction.

For those of you who've never been, Sunset Junction is sort of this street fair that draws a very eclectic, diverse crowd. The fair itself is a lot like Gay Pride in content, except you wouldn't be embarrassed to take your parents. It has a fairly recent history in L.A. and was actually created as a means to get the very diverse community to stop fighting. So the festival brings together a mix of the latino, gay, communities, and everything in between. ...or something like that. You can look it up. It's located (d'uh) at Sunset Junction (where Sunset and Santa Monica Blvds meet). It's definitely not manicured West Hollywood.

I was annoyed as I was driving to my fall back when I decided "fuck it". I've never really been one to shy away from going to a club or something else by myself. For some reason the concept of doing such a thing seems to really scare the shit out of people. And that I've never understood. Perhaps it's my independent streak. Or perhaps, it's just my stubborness in not letting my destiny be controlled by others. Besides, I knew I'd run into someone I know.

So I passed Robertson and kept going down Olympic toward downtown. There are no parking lots around the festival, so heading up Western when I came across the Metro station, I thought this might be a good idea. I parked, bought my ticket, and went down to wait for the train. Both sides were going in the same direction. I checked the map. My bad. There's a transfer I'd have to take. That could easily add 30 minutes. So up I went back to my car and drove to the festival. After a bit of work, I scored parking.

The festival was fun. I got my roasted corn. Upon which, my mood was dramatically uplifted. Hunger can be such an emotional liability... geez. (Note for the future: let's not wait until 5 pm to eat lunch again). I ran into a few people there I knew. In particular, Jonathan, whom I've not seen in a while.

Continuing to gorge, I also got homemade Taquitos and homemade Churros. They looked yum. There's just something about hand made food made from scratch. ...It sucks. There's a reason we have automation. It's called quality control. My god, the taquitos were one giant fried thing, and so were the churros. Everything tasted the same. Crunch Crunch Crunch. Seriously, they should have bought the frozen stuff.

On my way out, I bought three gigantic cookies for later, and leisurely drove my way home. The air was really clean today too. You could see all the way to the Hollywood sign. It turned out to be a perfect day.
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