August 7th, 2003


I love the beach

I miss the beach. I've hardly been this summer, save the last weekend. I went today again for lunch. It was great. I came back feeling much more ready to work. I think this will become a fairly frequent activity for getaway from work.

I'm not sure who came up with the whole work ethic of spending most of your life in a climate controlled building. I never understood why an office building in Santa Monica has windows that don't open. Who needs A/C with the cool ocean breeze? Okay, we're not quite that close. But close enough. I don't get it.

I'm getting total cabin fever at work.
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Windows is my bitch

Windows, you have again tried to torment my life and failed.

This last time, your "fun pack" that let's the blogging utilities detect what music is playing automatically stopped working. You mocked me as I had to type in my song titles by hand. You laughed as I searched the web futilely looking for assistance that didn't exist. But I have figured out the secret locked deep within your registry. The secret that so tormented me for days.

And, now, I am going to document it should you decide to attack anyone else.

If your Windows Media Fun Pack Blogging Utility should stop detecting the song playing when you click Detect Music Now, do the following (after you've backed up your registry of course... I won't be responsible if you fuck up your computer, and it consorts with your toaster to kill your cat).

Run regedit
go to: \\Current User \ Software \ Microsoft \ Media Player

Delete the whole fucking group (or if you want to play it safe, rename it to something else like "Media Playerxxx")

Run Media Player. The configuration wizard will run; answer its questions. Problem solved (if you did it right).

Praise me as your god (j/k) lol
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