August 3rd, 2003


Scott's visit

So far I've shown Scott Venice Beach and a couple house parties, one for Dean's going away to Cal party Friday night. We haven't had much chance to get around due to waking up a bit late. We've so far missed the clubs, but we'll hit a couple tonight. But truthfully, compared to New York and Sydney, our clubs suck out loud. Seriously, so there's not a whole lot to show. Tonight, we'll hit Rush/Weho.

Today, however, we'll brave the 101 so I can take him up the hill to get the closest vantage point to see the Hollywood sign.

Maybe then up PCH to see Zuma? We'll see....
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I <3 Jeff

"Have you been drinking tonight? If you have, you really need to stop. If you haven't, then you really should start."

-Jeff to Mario last night.
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