July 22nd, 2003


La La La

So another weekend came and went... Friday night Stace and I met ucpsychguy and his friend Josh in the valley (cue shrieking screams). hehe.. for our trek over to a party in Camarillo. Camarillo is far away. And it's hot. Really hot. 40 minutes, and 500 degrees later, we arrive at the gated complex. Now, this condo campus is in the middle of nowhere (so I'm not sure who the gates were meant to keep out).

At any rate, Seth parks on the completely dark street, and our adventure begins. The party was okay, the A/C was not. It was struggling to keep everything below 500 million degrees, which I believe is the temperature at which all mass spontaneously combusts. Did I mention how hot it was?

After a couple hours, the crowd had thinned a bit as people left (or melted). We decided to make our leave and head back to Seth's to play in the pool and drink lots.

Seth, I learned, has a fully-stocked bar, and Stace began mixing. I don't really remember what I drank. It might be easier to figure out what I didn't drink. It wouldn't be long, however, before I'd remember why one shouldn't drink that much. Much of the night is a blur.

The final time I woke from my sleep was at 10:00 am. I remember this because of the traumatic method in which we were awaken: by a demonic radio clock alarm. The radio was evidentally set in between stations. The ear piercing white noise came on in full force like a screaming banshee who'd just had her nose hairs waxed.

I was then awake. Very awake. After my heart slowed down to only 5 times its normal rate, and the color returned to my face, I thought out loud, "that's an efficient way to wake up." I briefly thought such a method would work for me (not being a very big morning person). But then I realized that waking up terrified probably would only work a few times before I violently destroyed my alarm.

I somehow managed to drive my hungover self back over the hill and to my bed. I spent a couple hours lying down before having to drive to OC and back.

I was way too beat to do anything Saturday night, so I just chilled. ucpsychguy had work early in the morning, so he spent the night. I was still sleeping when he called at 10:30 (that would be AM on a SUNDAY). He had bacon. I think I'll do anything for bacon, including wake up. But now it's time to sleep........
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