July 16th, 2003


Happy Birthday, JJ

Tonight we went out for JJ's birthday to Saddle Ranch. Good times were had by all. We met these really cool chicks.... especially this one girl, Tamra (I believe I have her name right). OMG. She was hott, and her boobs were gorgeous. Am I talking about boobs? But seriously. Wow. She was a hottie (for a girl). Fret not, I didn't want to bone her. But I know a hottie when I see one! But enough about the chicks, eh? (she was originally from Canada)

Anywho... it was a lot of fun getting out.

My AOL world seems to have returned to normal. I needed my AIM more than anything to retrieve my buddy list (and I just made a little backup of that). There are too many people I have screennames for but no email or updated phone #'s. I should get on that. I'm still not sure what happened, but all is well now. ::whew::

I had something more serious to write about, but I'm too tired now. Good night.... and happy birthday to JJ.
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Grand Theft Auto

I feel really exhausted. But not just tired — almost an "uh oh, here comes the flu" kind of feeling. I haven't been ill in 4eva. Hopefully I'm just beat from going to bed so late and getting up so early. My temperature is about 99F, which is probably about normal (although I thought my body temperature was colder at night). Well, we'll find out in the morning. I've pumped up with vitamins and Echinacea, so with any luck if it is some bacteria or virus, my body will fight it off. I'm really tempted to take a Tylenol PM. I know it would make me feel better, but if I am indeed sick it might stop any fever that might come overnight. I'd rather not declaw my body's defenses.

Anywho... today was "interesting". It was so nice outside, I initially wanted to go to Century City mall and eat lunch outside. But then I thought about Memphis Rotisserie. I grabbed coworkers Marietta and Gina and off we went! After we ate, I wanted to go walk down the promenade and was going to say something, but when I looked out, it was all gloomy and overcast. So I was content to just sit there and chat. It was a little before 2:00 when Gina notices people walking fast and kinda running north on the Promenade. I didn't really see anything that looked odd other than some transient getting someone out of the photo booth and getting in himself. And for Santa Monica, that's not even really all that odd.

A little after 2:00, we headed back to the office. That's where I saw an email from a friend about what happened on 3rd Street. "Ah. That's why people were running." I listened to NBC do their usual, "We don't want to speculate, but what do you think happened there, Bob?" (Seriously, the announcer said that... except for the "Bob" part. I don't remember the name). It was really horrific when you think about it. Coincidentally, I talked about how the Farmers' Market annoyed me at 3rd Street because it created traffic and attendees took up valuable summer parking spaces. From the first hand accounts, it sounded pretty gruesome.

Of course in the ultimate show of irreverence I made a satirical logo/cartoon about it. But you're going straight to hell if you giggle.

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Well isn't that a kick to the nuts and up the ass

Well it's official. I decided to check my temp one last time b4 nodding off. It's 101.01.. I'm sure it's karma for the tasteless cartoon. CAN'T YOU TAKE A JOKE, U BASTARD KARMA, YOU!

Oh well. I've just emailed work to let them know. I think I'll take half an ambien so hopefully my ass doesn't wake up 5 times over night. I've taken lots of multi vitamins, vitamin C, and more Echinacea. And I will tolerate this fever to 104 if I have to. Damn you, virus/bacteria/whatever. I won't go down without a fight!

Round 1.
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