July 12th, 2003


Friday Night

Jay's party last night was fun. Stace, Tom, and Tony were all there. Lance Bass was there for the first part bit of the party, but more importantly his HOTTIE L.A. roommate was there. omg. This boi was sooo lickable. Flat stomach, pecs to die for, and a rock hard butt. He was an adonis. W O W is all I can say. WOW. After they left, I was able to maintain a train of thought longer than 5 seconds.

We drank, chatted, met people. There were quite a few hot boobs. At one point I was chatting with a couple girls, one named Tiffany. Of course it wasn't until my friend Tony and I were walking away later that Tony tells me that Tiffany is "Tiffany". That wouldn't really be an interesting story except for the fact that somehow the subject of downloading pr0n off Kazaa had come up. Yes, I'd jokingly shared a porn downloading story with the pop princess. I was ever so slightly mortified. Fortunately, she's cool.

I spent the rest of the evening chatting with friends and listening to Jay and Tiffany regale us with colorful stories of stalkers, past VMAs, and even stories of liasons with the "New Kids on the Block" (lol) for reals. Tiffany was really nice and fun (and pretty hot for a chick, if I may say). Jay was drunk off his ass ("I KNOW!") and a total trip.

I thought we were going to have to hose Stace down. He actually started chasing girls at some point (he needed a hot guy... stat!)

Anywayz, I had a blast. I'm glad I made the adventure into the Valley. I had fun hanging with a few friends and there were a few new people to meet.

Well, this boi is beat and needs sleep. Good night. Zzzzzz
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I can relate...

LOL seems about right hehehe j/k

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