July 10th, 2003



ok so I've been avoiding LJ for like a week. I'm not even really sure why — didn't want to read anything; didn't want to write anything in it, starting with the 4th weekend and a few parties — starting with a small party at my friend Adam's, which was just the perfect, chill way to start the whole weekend.

This week's been busy at work. I came home fully exhausted today and literally passed out asleep for a couple hours before getting up and dragging my ass to the gym. And I finally got to see last Sunday's "Sex and the City". I just have to say, I love "Samantha". She's so unabashedly unapologetic for being who she is and doing what she wants without apology. It's great. More people should be that way. And, hello, the hot waiter guy she's been getting with. Could he be any hotter? Dayam.. Break me off a piece of that. :)

1:45...time to crash...
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