June 7th, 2003


no we ho

Yay.. weekend's here. Friends wanted me to go to weho. I really wasn't in the mood again.

I just can't get into Weho right now.


I dunno.
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    Charlotte Martin - Chasing A Shadow

Love me cause you can, not because you should

Every time it rains I listen to the sky
I wonder what's so great about sunshine
Everybody lives and everybody dies
And no one's gonna love you like I do
I misunderstand and been misunderstood
Love me cause you can and not because you should

Take it as it comes and take me as I am
I never was a good imposter
But I know how to dream
And don't know where I stand
I'm willing to admit I try too hard
Stop playing with my heart
I'm waiting by the phone
Afraid to be myself
Afraid to be alone

Every time it rains I know I'm trying to survive
Every time it rains, I know it's good to be alive
                                            -lyrics by Charlotte Martin
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    Charlotte Martin - Everytime It Rains