May 12th, 2003



Ever air dry your hands because you didn't want to take the last paper towel off the roll and then have to replace it?
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Dye my eyes and call me pretty

This weekend was my friend Adam's birthday party. It was, as always, a blast. Adam seemed to be enjoying himself. Although he unfortunately is often left to making sure no one burns down his house.

It was so great to see Chris (punkdhiver) again, after he'd become such the recluse during midterms. We pontificated upon life... uhm... ok, no, maybe that was the alcohol.

I split my time between talking to friends and the keg. Of course, this being Adam's, this was not your normal keg. This keg required no pumping, which is a huge plus at gay parties. Traditionally I find the keg surrounded by a few gay boys staring at it as one might the control panel to a nuclear reactor. Unfortunately by this time, it's usually been pumped like a power bottom after a circuit party, and we're left pouring foam. Fortunately, neither SDSU nor El Konk would allow someone to leave its tutelege without such knowledge, so let me impart two important pieces of keg-dom: (1) don't over pump — I know it's your right hand, but it's not your dick — several slow pumps will usually suffice; and (2) don't pump with the valve closed (your boyfriend and the keg will appreciate your remembering this).

And I even got to see Cliff (socakid825) who had travelled all the way from the OC to be the coolest guy at the party.

SoCaKid825 (6:26:58 PM): weren't u pretty! :-)
calsTaTexy (6:27:06 PM): i was pretty?

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