April 18th, 2003


Well that sucked!

Blah.. When I got back from the gym tonight, one of the other tenants was parked right in the middle of the parking lot across from our spaces. Despite someone sitting in the passenger seat, he didn't bother to move the car. I carefully backed into my space after having to do some tight maneuvering while the passenger just watched. I went upstairs, changed, got my stuff together, and went back down to the garage to go to Ralphs. There was the car, still sitting in the same damned spot. Since I was backed in, getting out, I thought would be easy. Well the stupid car was really in the way. I turned and scrape... passenger rear door meets concrete.

I should have been much angrier than I was. I didn't even bother to look. I just backed up and continued on to Ralphs. There was where I saw the damage. Basically all superficial and paint, but I'm sure it's still several hundred dollars of damage, not to mention the inconvenience of my car being in the shop.

Of course, I shoudl have honked... made the asshole move the car, so I must share some of the blame. But, what the fuck? Why would you park there when your spot was open. Ugh.. I hate nonthinking, inconsiderate people. I think they should be banished fom the planet. I mean at what point do you think it's okay to leave your car parked in the middle of a parking garage shared by 15 other tenants for over 10 minutes?

Ugh... Anyway. I refuse to let this get me down. This is the BGW weekend, and I'm going to enjoy myself. My friend Erik is cruising over before noon tomorrow, and we're going to head out to Palm Springs. Of course, now I'll start by calling my insurance company just to find things out. Hopefully it'll be under my deductible. And hopefully I'll magically find a way to make an extra $500 to make up for it.

On another, happier note, I've completed the initial translation of my site to PHP. I'm pretty excited about this. It's taken a few nights of work, but this first phase is done. I still have a lot to clean up. Because these were html files, and I wanted to quickly get them into php, I didn't always do it in the best way. When a few files are included together, some pages won't fit with perfect html, which just bothers me a little. I'll fix and reorganize the way the site works after that.

In the meantime, if you do happen to visit davidology.com and notice any errors or problems, please let me know! I also need to update my friends pages. I have a couple pics to put up, but need a few more to get close to filling the page. Eventually I'll dynamically generate that page using a database... but later, as I learn PHP a bit more. ;-) And if I'm missing your pic, send it to me!
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