March 30th, 2003



Here I am.. all pimped out and no place to go. I blew off the clubs this evening to go to a friend's bday party. Unfortunately after being egged on to go by a couple friends, I neglected to read the evite which clearly put the party in Moorpark! Not that I would be totally unwilling to drag my ass that far for a party, but it would require much mental preparation (not to mention leaving before 11:30, which is approximately the time I realized my mistake!)

Now, it's too late to get into Rage for free. Another friend thought he might be able to get me in, but the thought of trying to find parking in Weho at 11:30 on a Saturday night isn't doing it for me.

So it would appear my desire to go out and rape and pillage is being dwarfed by my wanton laziness. So instead I passed the time lurking outside chatrooms, sharing scary pictures with my friend Chris (pundhiver), who is spending an equally exciting evening at home. Thank god he was around. I might not have made it through the evening.

Oh well. At least there are festivities planned for tomorrow. At this point I guess I must decide whether or not to try to salvage this evening or call it quits, smoke a big fat bowl, and chill watching a movie.
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