March 14th, 2003


Sigur Rόs

Found a link to this Sigur Rόs video. It's a about two young boys falling in love/crushing on each other but kept apart by one of the boys' homophobic fathers.

omg it's so unbelievaly sweet & innocent and so horribly sad & tragic...

Viorar Vel til Loftarasa

ack.. what is this salty discharge?? I'm a little verklempt... talk amongst yourselves... I'll give you a topic: the holy roman empire was neither holy nor roman nor an empire... Discuss.
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Life is gooood

So the weather forecasts rain, rain, and more rain this weekend. I've had some well-needed relaxing weekends at home the past couple of weekends. But if my roommate and I stay home one more weekend, our toilets are going to have their own IP addresses. Tonight we must go out!
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