February 3rd, 2003


Going to NY

So it looks as if I'm going to NY this weekend! Wendy needs some help setting up her computer and such so is flying me over there. She's been wanting me to go, but dayam it's just been a little cold there. It finally seems the weather has gone back to normal. So I'm pretty stoked. Can't wait to hit H&M and Bang Bang for a little clothes shopping.

Unfortunately Sumner had to take the projector back to work :( I feel as if a part of the family has left (j/k!) We so have to get one. Sumner took a few pics of the display. It doesn't do it justice, but here they are. You should be able to see these, assuming my hosting company's servers are up (pretty iffy).

Pretty sick, huh? If there are too many problems viewing them, let me know, and I'll move them some place else. Playing GTA was intense. I swear you could feel the blood splash on you when you chopped someone's head off . Time to do a little shopping around for projectors I think! Hopefully I can find someplace with decent prices. Buying something like that off ebay is kinda sketch. Anyway, off to bed!
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