December 7th, 2002



Last night at Boy was an unbelievable amount of fun.... nothing like water guns & cute bois!! In case you missed it, they were giving out water guns to all who entered. At one point, JJ, Neal, & me were loaded to the teeth... I had two guns in my back pocket with two other guns in my hands. Somehow we got into a bit of a war (until we combined forces later) with these other two guys. Anywayz, it was a blast.

Although, I will say there were a few people who you could tell just had giant sticks up their asses because they were unable to have a good time. Seriously, I don't know what some people get out of being so ostentatious. It seems to be a real problem in gay circles sometimes. I guess it's borne of being insecure and needing to project some inflated sense of self importance to the rest of the world. Relax the pompous act a bit and have a good time already! Look around you at everyone else having fun whilest you play the prissy little queen worried about your Prada getting wet! UGH!!! </rant>

Anyway, looking forward to the FOAM party next week! That is all...
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