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Happy New Year

I have to say, this was a pretty good New Year's Eve (they're generally pretty anticlimatic). It started out bad enough, as usual. Funny thing about the scene is no one wants to commit to anything until they're sure they're going to the tightest party. I personally just wanted to spend it with my friends and perhaps ample opportunity to find a random cutie to kiss at the stroke of midnight. Fortunately my friend Erik was ready to commit with me a day prior, so we had our tix to the BoyLA-Kurfew NYE'03 party.

NYE always tends to begin with these frustrations. I think perhaps I put too much weight on the day, since, after all, it's just a day as any other. After I vented my frustrations that NYE, I met Tony at his place, had a few beers with he and a couple of his friends, and headed over to Level 3 for some more drinking. There wasn't enough warning to get champagne, so I toasted the stroke of midnight with my Red Bull and Vodka.. missed the random cuties, but kissed my friends, and that's cutie enough :-P

After more drinking and dancing, Erik & I cruised over to a hotel party behind the club for more revelry. Not a bad way to ring in the New Year, I must say. ;)

So here we are at the beginning of a new year. I feel as if I should change something... do something different... to get out of the same rut. It wasn't lost on me that I feel the same frustration going into the New Year, and yet each year expect something different. I remember getting so frustrated last year, we rolled to my friend Jonny's pad in San Diego and celebrated the new year in style there. It too was one of the better New Year's Eves I'd spent.

2002 wasn't such a great year. Overall I can't say it was terrible, but there were certainly some terrible things. The spectre of 9/11/01 loomed heavily over the year. The constant threat of war and terrorism... scares. And then the tragic loss of two friends. In some ways, I'm glad to be done with this year.

So ::raises glass:: here's to 2003, and possibility. Here's to true friends. And cheers, Robert. I know you're ringing in the new year in style.

Happy New Year.

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