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Got Cow?

We went to my fraternity bro Colin's (mesigep) birthday party out in Corona. He was wasted, and so was I. But I'm left with one thought:

Wow, the cows.

Seriously. Their aromatic aroma wafted through the air about as subtlely as a French whore's cologne. The smell seems permanently burned on my olfactory senses. Tangy. The healthy supply of cow poop does seem to keep the overabundence of flies quite happy, however. Ahh, the circle of life.

The house was really nice, but wow. I can't imagine ever getting used to that smell. You just have no idea. I've never smelled anything like it.... you just don't understand — you can't. It's not a light smell. In the drive in the car with the windows up, you begin to think "what's that smell?" It's tolerable. But when you open the door, you feel as if your head was just shoved up a cow's ass. It'll be weeks before I can eat a hamburger again.

We had a good time, but when it was ready to go, we got trapped by 5-0 who just decided to park themselves out in front of the house for hours on end. When we'd walk out, the host of the house would usher us back in. Finally we escaped to our cars and headed for home, where the only smell permeating the air was smog. Ahh yes... ::deep breath:: ::coughs:: it's good to be home again.

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