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818? I don't think so

Ok, so today was one of those days at work where everything seemed to break. It started out, that this one simple email's landing page was not working. That was easily fixed. But then after finishing setting up and queueing up this rather complicated email drop to our customers, the main server the shopping cart is on begins to buckle — not exactly what you want to have happen at that time. Fortunately, the problem didn't last too long.

But then... we receive a few complaints about the opt-out procedure not working properly. Yikes! Of course, it worked for me. But now, I have to unsub some people manually, which isn't unfortunately the most convenient thing in the world... but whatever. Hopefully these were just isolated instances, and everything is working fine. I won't know until I hear back from customer service to see if anyone else complained.

Then I get my email from Amazon about my new GSM cell service (bye, Sprint!). They've assigned me an 818 number!! That will simply not do! After I regained my composure, I called the company. Schockingly, the customer service people are way friendly (right? a cell company). She scored me an incredible number here in the 310. As I don't want to find my number on Google, I won't post the exciting find here... but it ends in a thousand... as in 555-x000. Pretty sweet. I'm sure a phone number should not provoke this much excitement, but since Boys Gone Wild, this is probably the most exciting event to occur.

My new phone arrives tomorrow. It's Bluetooth so I'll need to get a Bluetooth headset ASAP.

Now if only I can keep them from breaking tomorrow!

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