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Payback's a bitch

Veto ArnoldA couple months ago, our governor made news by exposing (by example) the blatant hypocrisy of the religious right's anti-gay crusade by vetoing the first state legislation that legalized gay marriage under their terms—using the standard legislative channels of our republic.

In response, I've been considering voting against all of Ahnold's referenda; but part of me (the unfrosted side), feels as if that's voting out of spite which feels wrong. However, I think there is a legitimate argument to be made for this action. These propositions are tied to Arnold; he claims them as "his." His ads appeal to voters to support him, meaning that his spin doctors will take any of these passing to be a feather in his cap to use to try to help improve his image in the state (which has fallen drastically), which may increase his chance of winning reelection.

Now, I'm somewhat ashamed to admit, I voted for Arnold (but against the recall). I believe moderate Republicans are valuable to have because they're the only people who can push the neocons out of Republican Party. Recently, however, we've seen that when push comes to shove, these moderate Republicans have no backbone and just tow the line they're fed by the same rabid religious nut jobs that are controlling the party.

In truth, I would likely support at least the referendum dealing with union fees (I'm just not a huge fan of unions), but I can't help Ahnold have any victories. I will do what I can to marginalize him as he has marginalized me until he is out of office and can be replaced by someone who treats all residents of this state as equal—including the fags.

So I've decided, I will be voting NO on 73, 74, 75, 76, and 77, with a still mildly-conflicted, but very clear conscience. The rest I'll be deciding tonight after I have a chance to read up on them.

I hate that in some ways I've become a single-issue voter, but, to use Maslow's hierarchy as an analogy, I can't concern myself with your other issues until you take care of my basic needs. At the risk of being a touch melodramatic, rejecting any candidate who does not support my civil rights is my silent protest. When enough of us do this, they'll have to listen.

Some voting resources:
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