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It's been that kind of a week

Why, oh why do we pay taxes, hmmm?

I mean... just to have bloody parking restrictions, and buggery ugly traffic wardens, and... bollocky bloody pedestrian bloody crossings?!

...and those BASTARD railings outside shops so you can't even get in them?!

I mean, I know they're there to stop stupid people from running out into the street and killing themselves. But we're not all stupid!

We don't all need nurse maiding! I mean why not just have a Stupidity Tax?!?


I find it amazing that... it's 2005 and there are actually people debating whether or not evolution happens, and there are people who actually believe the planet is only 5000 years old.

I find it even more amazing that... they're actually changing policy in some jurisdictions! These are the people making us fall behind other countries by halting scientific progress in stem cell research, while we debate whether or not the Sun revolves around the Earth.

It's like, any day, I expect them to exhume Galileo's body and persecute him again.

It makes me want to go have gay butt sex, get gay married, have five gay abortions, sell the gay fetuses to a gay biotech company, and give the proceeds to a gay worker at Planned Parenthood, to fund putting put gay sperm into lesbians.

I'm with Edwina. I think we need a stupidity tax now!

In other news, I got my flu shot today at work, and it came with +10 bird flu immunity.
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